Positive Displacement Pumps

Dynapumps offer a wide range of Positive Displacement Pumps including Air Operated Diaphragm pumps, Gear pumps, Metering Piston pumps, Peristaltic pumps, Progressive Cavity pumps, Pulse-Less Metering pumps, Vane pumps from leading pump manufacturers such as Boerger, Argal, SEEPEX, Graco and others.

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  • Leistritz screw pumps in the L5 range are five-screw, single-volute, self-priming displacement pumps for low-pressure duty, suitable for transport of aggressive, light abrasive, low or high-viscosity fluids with good or poor lubricity.

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  • 3C Triplex pumps are designed in accordance with API 674 standards and can be customized to achieve special operating requirements. » View More

  • Nexa Series packed-plunger and hydraulic double-diaphragm metering pumps represent one of heavy industry’s most versatile, robust and reliable fluid metering and dosing solutions. » View More

  • Motor-driven Plunger piston and Mechanical Diaphragm dosing pumps Mechanical diaphragm and plunger spring return pumps

    Reliable, cost-effective and robust, the Radix spring-return pump series offers the ideal solution for high-precision injection and metering of chemicals in multiple industrial applications » View More

  • Hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps are designed according to the API 675 Standards, suitable for those applications requiring high accuracy.


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  • API 676 Rotary Lobe 1API 676 Rotary Lobe

    Rotary Lobe Pumps are ideal for use in the Oil Industry which have a wide range of viscosities and often include abrasive and aggressive characteristics. » View More

  • Peristaltic Hose Pumps are ideal for highly viscous products such as cement slurries, acids (e.g. 35% Hydrochloric) and various other industrial and mining applications. » View More

  • NEMO® progressing cavity pumps have a very broad range and are used in all branches of industry for the continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation conveyance of almost any substance. » View More

  • Progressive cavity pumps are used in almost all industrial sectors and convey low to highly viscous media with or without solids. Those benefits along with others ensure the pump’s economical operation » View More

  • W+ Centrifugal pumps are designed to achieve lifetime cost savings, lower energy consumption. » View More

  • Helical Rotor SKU024

    Progressive cavity (or helical rotor) pumps can be used in a broad range of applications and provide efficient, high pressure [virtually] pulsation free conveyance of most mediums. Our wide range of materials and configurations make it easy to choose the best pump for the job, resulting in high performance and low maintenance cost. » View More

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