Sanitary Electric Drum Pumps

  • Sanitary Electric Drum Pumps SKU18118

    SaniForce drum pumps make it easy to transfer low, medium and high viscosity fluids from ingredient drums. Graco Drum Pumps are easy to clean, decreasing production delays during product changeover. The hygienic pump design is ideal for most food, beverage and personal care applications including edible oil, juices and concentrates, pharmaceuticals, personal care production, and fluid transfer in breweries, distilleries and wineries.


    • With minimal moving parts, our FDA-compliant drum pumps feature a simple knockdown design, which makes cleaning between drums and product changeovers a simple process.
    • Variable speed electric motors give you the flexibility to operate your drum pumps anywhere in your facilities. Use them with drums, totes, or kettles.
    • An innovative and simple design that doesn't include valves or moving parts reduces costs and minimizes equipment downtime.

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