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Blackhawk's low-flow reciprocating piston pumps are the standard for reliability and durability in landfills, remediation sites and difficult pumping environments, providing long-life economy. Pneumatic pumps, electric pumps and solar pumps feature low-maintenance drive motors above the wellhead. Rugged downhole components withstand hot, acidic, harsh and toxic liquids. Models offer depths to 800 feet and flows to 11 gpm. Blackhawks pump virtually any liquid, including partial solids, and operate independent of vacuum. Products include landfill pumps, Elevated Temperature (ET) pumps, methane gas dewatering pumps, groundwater remediation pumps, NAPL recovery pumps, toxic chemical pumps, offshore platform caisson sump pumps, tar pumps and stripper oil well pumps.

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  • Air Operated Plunger Pumps achieve positive-displacement flow generation through simple reciprocating-piston technologies for use in a broad range of applications. » View More

  • Pneumatic Pumps SKU00616

    Positive displacement piston pneumatics are suitable for a broad range of applications and environments from normal to harsh. Models go as deep as 800 feet/245 meters with volumes to 11 gpm/41 lpm. » View More

  • Electric reciprocating piston pumps are designed for heavy-duty use in landfills, petrochemical remediation, product-recovery, process pumping and others applications in standard to harsh environments. » View More

  • Blackhawk's economical solar pumps are in use for a broad range of applications, including remote or closed sites not served by pneumatic power or where electric power is limited. » View More

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