L2 Series Screw Pumps

  • L2 Series Screw Pumps 44SS575675621

    Leistritz L2 screw pumps are self-priming, positive displacement pumps that go to a pressure range of up to 250 psi. This is suitable for transporting fluids that are light abrasive, corrosive, high viscous, or low viscous. The fluid can have either poor or good lubricity.

    Performance Data

    • Flow Rate: Up To 2,000 GPM
    • Differential Pressure: Up To 250 PSI
    • Viscosity: Up to 20,000 cSt
    • Temperature: Up To 545 Deg F


    • Asphalt & PMA
    • MDI & MDA
    • Lube Oil
    • Pitch & Tar
    • Bunker C & Heavy Fuel Oil
    • Diesel Oil & VGO


    • Mounting: Horizontal (foot & flange) or Vertical (pedestal & deepwell)
    • Bearing: Internal (product lubricated) or External (permanently grease picked)
    • Seal: Packing, Lip, Single Mechanical, Mag Drive or Canned (Quench or Heating optional)

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