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Dynapumps offers Australia’s most diverse range of vacuum pumps, air blowers and gas compressors. We have vacuum products that cover all applications from industrial to ultra-high levels. Our air blowers are capable of achieving up to 2 bar pressure with flows of up to 3000 m³/h. We offer these in both standard and ‘gas-tight’ configurations.

We can provide solutions for nearly all vacuum and blower air applications. Our engineers can offer pump components and custom-built build packages to suit the one-off needs of our customers. Our factory offers full functional testing and documentation to meet the most demanding customer specification. Applications for each pump type are listed in the full description of the product.

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  • Operates on the principle of contactless rotary claw mechanism. No internal friction or wear occurs in the oil-less pump chamber. Delivers high energy efficiency and minimal maintenance requirement. » View More

  • The Dynapumps range includes diaphragm and dry-piston vacuum pump and compressor solutions to serve a variety of applications. » View More

  • Dry Screw Pumps offer an oil-free pumping chamber capable of high vacuum operation. The user benefits from contamination-free gas pumping and low energy consumption. » View More

  • The Dynapumps liquid ring vacuum pump range offers a wide range of sizes and construction materials. We offer available both single and two stage designs. The main features are simplicity and robustness. » View More

  • Single-stage Dry & Oil Flooded Rotary Vane vacuum pumps are available with either oil-sealed composite or dry carbon vanes, dependant on required application. » View More

  • Rotary Vane pumps are unique in their ability to deliver high or low throughput with ultimate high vacuum. » View More

  • Hire Pumps SKU009

    Dynapumps has a range of rotary vane, liquid ring and special purpose vacuum pumps available for hire. These can be hired if your existing pump fails or should you need to prove an application using vacuum. » View More

  • Dynapumps offers a range of Side Channel and PD (roots) blowers for all suction and positive pressure applications. » View More

  • In Australia and New Zealand, Dynapumps offers the world-leading Agilent range of diffusion vacuum pumps. Pumping speeds from 65 – 28000 l/s are available with vacuum levels of down 10 ?? mbar [abs]. » View More

  • Dynapumps can supply a range of turbomolecular pumps supplied by the industry leader in TMP design, Agilent Technologies; Our range extends from 80 – 6000 l/s and incorporates some of the most advanced developments in the area including onboard controllers as well as radical new hybrid designs such as the Macrtorr and Twistorr technologies. » View More

  • Dynapumps offers the world-leading Agilent range of Dry Scroll vacuum Pumps. Our range extends from 3 - 30 m3/h. » View More

  • As Australia’s distributor of the Agilent Technologies range of Ion pumps and accessories, Dynapumps can provide a solution to any research or industrial requirement that is needed.; Pumping speeds ranging from 0.2 – 500 l/s are available. » View More

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