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  • Offers reliable separation of fluids and an ultra-hygienic option for enhanced cleanability. » View More

  • High Pressure Valves are designed foroil and natural gas applications. We have a complete line of high pressure valves and accessories designed to provide leak-free operation at pressures ranging from 10,000 psi to 40,000 psi (345 to 2760 bar). » View More

  • Ball Valves SKU1199

    Hygienic, cleanable (CIP) double seat ball valve. » View More

  • Butterfly Valves are stop valves which can be actuated either manually or pneumatically, designed to be very robust and reliable. » View More

  • Check Valves SKU1811

    Check Valves are used in places at which the reflux of liquids into the pipeline must be prevented. » View More

  • Double Seal Valves SKU1899113

    Double Seal Valves are right for isolation between your CIP media tank and the CIP supply and CIP return line

    » View More

  • Single Seat Valves is hygienically designed making it ideal for applications in the dairy, beverage and brewing industries as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. » View More

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