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Leistritz are the market leaders in the application of screw pumps and systems, offering a wide range of products in the field. The screw pumps reliably transfer and dose low to highly viscous media on ships, oil platforms, in cars and tank storages, power plants, in the chemical industry and many more.

Leistritz screw pumps are multi-spindle, self-priming positive displacement pumps and are the heart of low to high viscous applications. Whether as single pump or as an entire system, they all serve to transfer different media with varying lubrication characteristics. In the field of oil exploration, Leistritz products provide solutions for transferring oil/gas mixes.


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    • Multistage Pumps

      Multistage Pumps

      The new range of "smart" pumps using modern frequency inverter technology can respond to variable flow and pressure needs to save you wasted kilowatts. Remote controllers plus motor and pump protection add to the new technology.


    • Multiphase Pump System

      Multiphase Pump System

      Multiphase pumps are rotary positive displacement pumps based on twin screw pump technology.

    • Screw Pumps

      Screw Pumps

      Leistritz screw pumps in the L5 range are five-screw, single-volute, self-priming displacement pumps for low-pressure duty, suitable for transport of aggressive, light abrasive, low or high-viscosity fluids with good or poor lubricity

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    Products 1 to 3 of 3

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