FLEXCORE Screw Pumps

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    The new pump series FLEXCORE from Leistritz are innovative, flexible and powerful! The three-spindle, single-volute, self-priming displacement pumps are designed for low and medium-pressure, can be installed in various existing piping systems and proficient in a broad range of applications. The new pump series includes the FLEXCORE 25 and FLEXCORE 32 with flow rates from 7 l/min to 50 l/min and from 15 l/min to 100 l/min.

    • Extremely variable: Flexible to install due to 4 x 90° turnable suction and discharge flanges
    • Enormous Lifetime: Optimized mechanical seals guarantee maximum lifetime. Due to a pre-assembled, easy-to-replace cartridge unit, downtimes are drastically reduced.
    • High Performance for Maximum Service Life: Less wear due to hardened spindle set combined with patented balancing system.
    • Conforms with Latest Standards: API 614 / 676 3rd edition, Ship class type approvals and ATEX conformity

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