Diaphragm Pumps & Compressors

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    The Dynapumps range includes diaphragm and dry-piston vacuum pump and compressor solutions to serve a variety of smaller applications. Dynapumps’ product range includes WOB-L and articulated piston, linear, diaphragm, dry rotary vane, peristaltic types for air and liquid pumping applications. We can offer custom-built solutions to meet or exceed your requirements.

    Flows up to 365 l/min (22 m3/h).


    • Medical Aspiration
    • Medical Instruments
    • Waste Water Aeration
    • Gas sampling
    • Tyre Inflation
    • Live seafood transportation
    • Packaging equipment
    • Foam marking
    • Security Screen actuation
    • Pressure and vacuum testing
    • Vacuum holding
    • Vacuum bagging
    • Live seafood tank aeration
    • Laboratory Vacuum

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