• Turbomolecular SKU032

    Our range of turbo molecular pumps are designed for real world applications and are available with integrated, on-board controller or rack mounted controllers. The range includes traditional molecular drag stages as well as the revolutionary TwisTorr turbomolecular high-vacuum pump models which combine Twistorr drag stage technology and Agilent Floating Suspension to provide high performance, reliability and economy. TwisTorr drag stages create high compression ratios for light gases such as Hydrogen and Helium to deliver high throughput and high tolerance of foreline pressure, thereby permitting the use of smaller and more economical backing pumps. This technology results in a compact rotor design that is energy-efficient and maintains a low operating temperature. The Agilent Floating Suspension system reduces noise and vibration, and ensures optimal bearing operating conditions to extent operating life, minimize system downtime, and assure stable pumping performance over time.  The unique bearing and dry lubrication in the TwisTorr 304 FS eliminate oil and maintenance, and permit operation of the pump in any orientation.


    • Synchrotrons
    • Research Institutes
    • Microscopy departments
    • Medical devices
    • Research Facilities
    • Surface Science Equipment (SEM, TEM. FIB)
    • Cryogenics
    • Leak Detection
    • Mass Spectrometers
    • GS-MS / ICP-MS / LC-MS / TOF-MS
    • Vacuum coating
    • Thin Film deposition

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