CO2 Pumps to reduce greenhouse emissions by carbon capture, utilisation and storage


During initial exploration, natural gas formation pressures are sufficient to sustain maximal output. However, these pressures will eventually dwindle, resulting in diminished productivity. In these cases, enhanced oil recovery techniques such as carbon dioxide pumping become the most efficient method to maximize gas well output. Removing COemissions from natural gas is becoming a matter of worldwide importance. Let’s discuss what COpumping is and how it helps with natural gas processing.

What Is CO2 Pumping?

COpumping represents an enhanced oil recovery technique that is both beneficial to oil recovery efforts and the natural environment. Natural gas recovery is typically associated with the release of significant levels of gaseous carbon release.

With COpumping, the discharge of excess carbon emissions into the environment can be prevented. In addition, carbon dioxide generated from recovery efforts can be redirected into natural gas formations to boost failing pressures and maximize their outputs.

CO2 Pumping Applications

The key application of COcarbon dioxide pumping is in oil and gas recovery operations as an enhanced oil recovery technique. COgas sources from various industrial processes are integrated into the manufacturing cycle to boost overall productivity.

Benefits of CO2 Pumping

As mentioned earlier, pumping carbon dioxide is advantageous in optimizing well performance. The key benefits of COpumping are outlined below:

  • Enhanced oil recovery
  • Carbon recapture and re-use
  • Compliance with industrial emission regulations
  • Economic growth

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One of the key ways to reduce greenhouse emissions is carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS). 

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