Horizontal High Pressure Multi-stage Pump

  • Horizontal High Pressure Multi-stage Pump SKU130

    The HP Plus Pump was designed with reliability and cost reduction in mind. It is a multi-stage centrifugal pump capable of producing a full range of volumes and pressures. Each pump is individually assembled by trained personnel and fully tested to industry API standards. The HP Plus skid design is the result of a century’s worth of engineering, design and the technically advanced COSMOS® design software. This combination of fabrication and engineering experience coupled with the modern finite element analysis that COSMOS® brings has allowed PumpWorks to develop a skid design with superior strength, integrity and unsurpassed ease of installation. Built with hand finished Ni-Resist type 1 stages and a high nickel content steel, the HP Plus is excellent at withstanding hostile or aggressive fluids. The staging configuration is set so that the constructed is built in compression.


    • All pump shafting comes in K-500 Monel® as standard. Stainless and/or Inconel® high strength shafting are also available.
    • We offer abrasive resistant tungsten carbide (TC) bearings to add radial stability in aggressive fluid conditions. Our pumps can be assembled in a multitude of Ni-Resist/TC configurations including up to 1:1 carbide to stage ratio.
    • All PumpWorks centrifugal pump heads and bases are of high quality stainless steel and each is assembled with tungsten carbide bushing and sleeve as a standard.
    • The HP Plus components are installed in carbon steel housings but high strength (HS) and stainless steel (SS) housing are also available.
    • Fluids: Amine, Condensate, Glycol, Liquid Natural gas, Oil & Water, Saltwater


    • Fluid transfer
    • Gas Processing
    • Mine Dewatering
    • Pipeline Booster
    • Saltwater Disposal
    • Water injection
    • Water Flooding

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