Dynapumps recognise the challenges involved in the mining industry and understand the demands on equipment due to the often hostile and remote environments in which it operates. Since 1981, Dynapumps has the experience and capabilities to offer the most reliable and durable pumps and pumping solutions to underground and open-pit mine sites across Australia and the world. We have supplied to the mines in the Eastern Goldfields, the Murchison, the Pilbara, and more. Today we support projects all over Australia and Internationally to countries such as Africa, Mongolia, Noumea, Europe, and Mexico.

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  • The SV280-V Heavy Duty Solids Pump is a high velocity, heavy duty solids pump, capable of capturing high density slurries. » View More

  • The SV510 are designed to effectively and efficiently transfer up to 45m3/hour @SG1.0(198USGPM) of semi viscous muds and various materials via vacuum load or top load gravity feed. » View More

  • The HP Plus Pump was designed with reliability and cost reduction in mind. It is a multi-stage centrifugal pump capable of producing a full range of volumes and pressures. » View More

  • The NOVADOS offers an unparalleled range of metering pumps for an extensive number of liquid metering or blending applications. » View More

  • The SV30 Portable Solids Pump is a one person vacuum loading, pressure discharge pump capable of recovering and transferring almost any flowable sludge or slurry.

    » View More

  • Vertical Turbine pumps offer unrivalled reliability and engineered technology - from standard, off-the-shelf products to custom engineered projects. » View More

  • Peerless Fire Pumps SKU2222111

    Peerless Fire Pump installations (UL Listed, ULC Listed or FM Approved) deliver superior fire protection to facilities worldwide. Field-tested products are designed for reliability and longevity and include a broad selection of pumps, drives, controls, baseplates and accessories. » View More

  • NEMO® progressing cavity pumps have a very broad range and are used in all branches of industry for the continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation conveyance of almost any substance. » View More

  • LubeTech Lubrication Pumps are based on the proven internal gear principal with advanced features for ease of installation. » View More

  • TechnaFlo Magnetic Coupled Pumps feature a robust design to better withstand the unexpected. » View More

  • The SV1000-V High Volume Solids Pump is a high velocity, heavy duty solids pump, capable of capturing high density slurries via a strong 25” Hg vacuum combined with high velocity airflows. » View More

  • DrumVac DrumVac

    The Drumvac is an outstanding, all-purpose, all-round, maintenance-free, compressed-air powered vacuum solution that is ideal for the collection and removal of fly ash and other heavy powders. » View More

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