• DrumVac DrumVac

    Designed to be placed on top of a 205-litre steel drum, with an air supply connected(100psi), the Drumvac turns into a high powered vacuum, with up to 3 times more vacuum power than standard electric vacuum systems.

    • No maintenance: The Drumvac has no moving parts, thus requiring no maintenance. *Only the filter will require occasional cleaning.
    • Anti-static/Explosion Proof: Convert into an anti-static vacuum that is capable of working with combustible dust,flammable and otherwise dangerous substances.
    • Wet and Dry: Works for both wet and dry vacuum applications. When used to wet a liquid a shut-off valve(part # RP-205-6) is recommended to be used instead of the filter cartridge.
    • Configurations: Available as a single housing at 25, 60 or 100 cfm consumption or as a twin housing at 120 or200 cfm consumption. A vacuum inlet of 38mm or 50mm can be selected on either model of housing. Different hose lengths and types along with vacuum tools such as gulper tools, metal crevice tools and wand kits can also be selected. The Drumvac is a modular system and therefore is compatible with a large number of tools and containers.

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