Dry Scroll Pumps

  • Dry Scroll Pumps SKU033

    Agilent scroll pumps are oil-free, compact, quiet, and offer high vacuum performance. The pumping mechanism utilises the oscillation of two intertwining scrolls. Our range includes bearing purge ports and gas ballast valves as standard. Further to this, Dynapumps can also supply a range of “smart” scroll pumps that inbuilt frequency inverters allowing optimal control of pumping speeds..


    • Fail-safe integral isolation valve prevents accidental contamination
    • Recover process gases and prevent toxic gas leaks
    • Protect your system from vibration damage
    • Agilent IDP scroll pumps ensure quiet operation at 52 dBA
    • Fixed speed motor enables operation around the world


    • Synchrotrons
    • Microscopy departments
    • Medical devices
    • Research Facilities
    • Surface Science Equipment
    • Cryogenics
    • Leak Detection
    • Backing pumps for turbomolecular pumps
    • Load locks and transfer chamber applications

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