Wi+ Inducer Centrifugal Pumps

  • Wi+ Inducer Centrifugal Pumps APVWplus

    The inducer pump is the alternative to changing the process design when NPSH availability is low. The inducer boosts the inlet pressure, and the risk of cavitation is correspondingly reduced (the NPSH required typically drops by 50-70%). When the risk of cavitation disappears, so does the risk of a large number of operational disturbances that would otherwise result - such as excessive noise, energy loss, product damage and unnecessary wear on the pump. Low suction head is a common "problem" in miscellaneous applications, e.g. when pumping products with low boiling points or in processes that involve vacuums.

    The Wi+ is unique among inducer pumps, since the NPSH requirement is kept to a minimum throughout its entire operating range. The inducer further enables the Wi+ pump to handle viscous or gaseous products beyond the range of other centrifugal pumps. Wi+ pumps are 3-A (optional) certified.


    • Unique spiral volute positioned in the back plate of the pump ensures a direct transfer of liquid from inlet to outlet
    • Advanced, high efficiency impeller design
    • Extended outlets smooth transition to process piping while reducing turbulence and preventing product build-up
    • Heavy walled pump casing insures that efficiency levels are maintained even at high pressure

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