Vertical Line Shaft Turbine Pumps

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    Vertical Line Shaft Turbine Pumps are Australian designed pumps that feature an extensive range of options to meet the most demanding specifications. Available in sizes from 150mm and upwards, the range of Everflow turbine pumps are capable of flow rates up to 500 litres per second and heads up to 600 metres.


    Irrigation, community supply, mine dewatering, waste water, industry and sea water pumping


    • Suit Bores from 150mm
    • Heavy Duty
    • High Efficiency
    • Extensive material options
    • Electric motor, diesel/petrol motor or belt drive options
    • Single to ten stage pumps available
    • Flow rates up to 500 litres per second
    • Heads up to 600 metres
    • Hydraulically and statically balanced impellers for vibration free operation
    • Choice of conical or basket type strainers available in mild steel or stainless steel to suit installation type and water quality

    Material Options

    • Cast Iron
    • Zinc free bronze
    • 304 stainless steel
    • 316 stainless steel
    • Other materials available on an engineered to order basis to suit the requirements of specific applications

    SO SERIES 5 -12" , CAST IRON

    TurboMaster is a premium quality product designed in Western Australia for tough conditions. With its unique semi open impeller design and impressive solid quality castings it is a time tried and proven performer throughout Australia and overseas. All TurboMaster pumps come standard with an inbuilt check valve and have an innovative 'smart' design available in both submersible and vertical turbines. An all Australian made product, the quality of the TurboMaster casts and machining are a credit to engineering excellence.


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