Vane Pumps

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    Highly efficient self-priming Vane Pumps, generally for low to medium viscosity lubricating and non-lubricating liquids. Designed and precision built to optimise all the advantages of the Sliding Vane Principle. Automatic compensation for vane wear assures the pump will maintain its superior priming characteristics and line-stripping ability over a long service life. Smooth output flow ensures quiet operation within the NPSH range. The pumps can be direct coupled to synchronous-speed motors. For applications in Road tanker mounting and fixed installation for loading and unloading of Petroleum products such as: petrol, distillate, aviation fuels, lubricating oils, LPG, chemicals solvents and edible oils.


    • Replaceable wearing components
    • Positive axial location of rotor
    • Balanced mechanical seals, shaft lip seals
    • Multi-porting configurations
    • Double-ended shaft (some models)
    • Pressure Relief Valve integral, adjustable
    • Lightweight or standard
    • Compact and robust

    Range of Performance

    • Flows to 3,570 L/min.
    • Diff. Pressures to 1,400 kPa
    • Viscosities to 10,000 cSt
    • Temperatures to 100°C

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