Vacuum Priming Systems

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    Our high-quality range of Dynavac Self Contained Vacuum Priming Systems is designed for the Municipal, Industrial, Agricultural, Marine & Power industries. Each system comprises 2 major components, the Self Contained Vacuum Priming Source [SCVPS] and the Priming Valve. Both the SCVPS and the valves are sized to meet the design requirements of the project. All systems are supplied as a fully tested and complete package.

    The Priming Systems are engineered to provide the highest level of quality, performance, and convenience. With more than 30 years of experience, our manufacturing capabilities, expertise and attention to detail create standards that others simply can’t match. Dynavac Priming Systems are available in simplex, duplex and triplex designs using ‘Rotary Vane’, ‘Liquid Ring’ and the latest ‘Dry-Claw’ vacuum pumping technologies. Our Priming systems incorporating ‘Dry-Claw’ vacuum pumps are the easiest to install, provide the highest efficiency, and create the deepest vacuum levels.


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