Double Seat Mix Proof Valves

  • Double Seat Mix Proof Valves SKU1899111

    Double Seat Mix Proof Valves provide all features of a modern mix proof valve: Water hammer safety, low leakage change-over operation as well as easy service and maintenance. For applications which do not require a seat lifting function during CIP, this valve represents a cost effective alternative to the sophisticated valve. Due to its hygienic design, the Double Seat Mix Proof Valve is ideal for applications in industries such as Food & Beverage, Dairy, Chemical, Pharmaceutical industries and more.


    • Safe separation of different media to prevent cross-contamination
    • Two independently working valve shafts together with the leakage chamber ensure 100% safe separation of incompatible fluids.
    • Self-draining valve housing being fitted with clearly marked profile seals
    • Fully balanced safeguarding operation even in case of water hammers
    • 100% cleaning of leakage area neutral area between housing and shaft is cleaned by built-in spray nozzle
    • Simple maintenance through compact design and identical seals
    • EHEDG certified
    • ATEX compliant models


    • Brewery
    • Food & Beverage
    • Dairy
    • Chemical
    • Personal Care
    • Pharmaceutical


    • DA3+ ID-8011 PDF
    • DE3 ID-8000 PDF
    • Valve Key PDF

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