Turbine Pumps

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    FLO-MAX Turbine Pumps are manufactured in Australia and offer a comprehensive range sizes ranging from 5” (125mm) through to 32” (800mm) sizes plus an extended range of axial flow pumps and larger turbines up to 54" (1400mm) are also available.  We can also supply drive shafts, columns, bearing guides and rubber bearings for all models of turbine pumps. All Turbine Pumps are also available in standard cast iron, gunmetal bronze for normal applications with exotic materials available such as duplex stainless steel and zinc free bronzes for more specialized applications.


    • Flows up to 3000 litres/sec
    • Heads up to 500 metres
    • Materials: Cast Iron, Zinc Free Bronze, Stainless Steel, Duplex Alloys, Special Materials


    • Water Supply
    • Fire Water
    • Seawater
    • Cooling Water
    • Irrigation
    • Water Treatment

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