Three Plunger Reciprocating Pumps

  • Three Plunger Reciprocating Pumps SKU074

    Three Plunger Reciprocating Pumps are designed according to API 674 Standards, suited for applications in intensive and continuous industrial processes where reliability and durability are essential conditions.


    • The three cylinders pump head is horizontally arranged, the plungers are single acting, valves and seats can be selected among different executions depending on the handled medium.
    • The low speed of the pump gives some interesting advantages such as: reduced wear of the moving parts in general and specifically reduced wear of the plungers, valves and packing.
    • Plungers and packing maintenance is simplified. The replacement of such components for pump sizes other than 3C30 can be done from the front of the pump head or from the stuffing box side without disconnecting the pump from the piping.
    • Several options for "leakage return to suction" and flushing of stuffing box, for a longer life of the packing and to avoid the suction of air from outside causing cavitation are available on request.

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