SV60 Portable Slurry Pump

  • SV60 Portable Slurry Pump SKU125

    The SV60 Guzzla Portable Slurry Pump is designed to offer the operator a one man vacuum recovery, pressure discharge unit that can recover and transfer almost any  flowable material. The SV60 Guzzla Portable Slurry Pump is 100% air powered and operated and creates up to 25”Hg (85kPa) of vacuum using 150CFM at 85psi+. The SV60 Guzzla Portable Slurry Pumpis employed around the world moving mining slimes in Mexico and filter Media in South Africa, OBM in the UK and piggery waste in the USA.


    • 100% compressed air operation
    • Intrinsically safe
    • Fully automatic
    • Versatile
    • No internal moving components
    • High vacuum and high airflow
    • Recovers material from up to 50 metres (164ft)
    • Delivers up to 500 metres (1640ft)
    • Pumps up to 10 m3/hr @ SG1.0 (44USGPM)


    • Sump cleaning
    • Transfer of mining slurries and slimes
    • Drain desilting
    • Effluent transfer
    • Drill cuttings and OBM transfer
    • Hazardous waste transfer
    • Pneumatic excavation
    • Agricultural product and waste transfer

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