Sanitary Rotary Pumps R-Series

  • Sanitary Rotary Pumps R-Series SKU140

    The R-series pump is ideal for the type of application where pumps with metal rotors will not work effectively. When you need to strip clean your pump because the product will not wash out by using a normal CIP process such as meat processing, the R pump overcomes this problem by its simple robust design. The R pump design utilities a floating rotor without rotor nuts. Rotors are interchangeable and can only be fitted in one position due to a specially modified square shaft. This simple and robust design allows for all sanitary parts to be changed in minutes without removing the pump from the line. The pumps are now fitted with an 'O' ring front cover gasket, making routine maintenance even easier.


    • Limited number of parts.
    • Easy teardown and assembly
    • Standard rubber coated rotors
    • Simple front loaded lip seals
    • Metal rotor, degassing covers, rectangular inlets
    • Vented covers, heavy-duty options
    • No special tools required



    • Fruit Juice
    • Cider and Wine
    • Yeast
    • Liquid Sugar and Glucose


    • Fruit Preserves
    • Soups and Sauces
    • Baby Food
    • Chocolate

    Pharmaceutical and Toiletries

    • Antibiotics
    • Toothpaste
    • Cough Medicine
    • Shampoo


    • Cream
    • Butter
    • Cheese Curd & Whey
    • Yogurt
    • Ice cream


    • Paint
    • Oil Additives
    • Resins
    • Photographic Film Coatings


    • R-Series Pump Manual 03WP469240-I PDF

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