Rotary Vane Pumps - High Vacuum

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    Rotary Vane pumps are unique in their ability to deliver both high or low throughputs with high ultimate vacuum. Combined with ultra low noise levels Dynapumps range of RV pumps makes them the ideal pump for a wide range of applications and environments. While RV pumps have been a reliable solution for many laboratory applications for decades, the generated noise has been a major challenge to manufacturers and users. To address the noise issue, DYNAVAC has developed in-house, new pulsation-free DC motors that eliminate the 50/60 hz AC drone that traditionally resonates through the pump coupling and mechanism.

    The result has been embraced by thousands of users around the world. Dynvac VDC series vacuum pumps employ all the features you would expect from a quality vacuum pump along with reduced noise level. Suitable for spectrometry, freeze driers, physics and general lab applications.


    • 2-mode adjustable gas ballast valve satisflies the various requirements of condensable gas ingress
    • Dual automatic anti-suck back design protects the vacuum system for oil pollution when the pump stops running
    • Forced oil circulation system ensures stable operation of the pump across full vacuum range
    • Integrated cylinder cartridge for ease of rebuild

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