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Containerised Fire Water Pump System

Electric Drive Fire Water Pump:

Southern Cross Iso Pro 125-100-250 with a duty of 201.3m3/h @ 80m TDH, Toshiba 75kW 2 Pole Electric Motor, AS2941-2013 Controller

Diesel Driven Fire Water Pump:

Southern Cross Iso Pro 125-100-250 with a duty of 201.3m3/h @ 80m TDH, Penske FPS756TPE2.MDA 104.8kW Radiator Cooled Diesel Engine, AS2941-2013 Controller

Electric Jockey Fire Water Pump:

Grundfos CRI 10-9 fitted with a Toshiba 3kW 2 Pole Motor, supplied with a Hydac SB400 Accumulator to AS1210

All equipment is installed within a modified 40 foot sea container. The diesel engine is installed in a sound attenuated section with a dividing firewall to the other pump sets. Sound attenuated louvres and insulated doors are also installed on the diesel side to keep the noise under 85 dBA. There are also 2 x smoke detectors, 1 per section of the container and a sprinkler system over the diesel engine. The internal of the container is supplied with lights, emergency lights and emergency exit lights. 2 sets of 2 x GPO's are also in the container.

All piping is in accordance with AS2941-2013 and customer requirements. All control panels are installed within the container and are externally accessible via weather proof doors. A monorail is installed in the electric and jockey pump section of the container to remove / install pumps and piping. All large equipment is accessible by doors around the container (engine, electric motor, pumps). All power supply wiring is taken back to a common distribution board. All communications is taken back to a common distribution board for DCS Signals and FIP Signals. Pump set is also supplied with a FM Flow Meter for testing purposes.

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