P Series Metering Pumps

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    Hydra-Cell P Series Metering Pumps enable you to meet and, in most cases, exceed API 675 performance standards with virtually pulse-less, linear flow while providing many other operational benefits. Taking advantage of the most current technologies, Hydra-Cell P Series metering pumps achieve superior levels of accuracy, repeatability and linearity, while delivering precise, constant flow. This revolution in metering employs the latest available means of electronic flow control to replace antiquated, inaccurate stroke adjusters. To maintain accuracy in a hydraulically-actuated metering pump, the volume of oil on the non-process side of the diaphragm must remain constant.

    Conventional metering pumps rely on vacuum sensing or mechanical activation to compensate for leakage past the plunger. They may not compensate on every pump stroke. Hydra-Cell pumps incorporate a replenishment valve in every piston assembly. This ensures optimum actuating oil volume on every diaphragm stroke to provide superior accuracy that exceeds the performance demands of API 675. In addition, the modern design features of the Hydra-Cell pump lower your acquisition costs when compared to conventional metering pumps, and its inherently simple yet elegant engineering keeps your maintenance and replacement costs down. Rugged construction and long- lasting durability will provide economy and value over the lifetime of your Hydra-Cell metering system.


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