Bore Water Pump capabilities and the services Dynapumps offer


Dynapumps can design, install, commission, and maintain complete bore pump systems, including submersible pumps, discharge pipework and controls.

We have the capability to supply:

  • Bore pump packages for mine dewatering, irrigation and municipal supply
  • Permanent, fixed solution or a temporary, mobile system can be offered
  • Generators and Control Panels to suit all electrical requirements
  • Fabricated Pipework including control valves and instruments
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • 2D and 3D Digital drawing documentation

Dynapumps can customise a dewatering package to suit every operational need including unique specifications and site specific requirements

What Dynapumps offers you:

Site Specific Packaging: Unique packaging to suit site travel requirements such as, overseas travel(ship) and remote access(unsealed road) transport.

Site Specific Assembly: When customers have large projects and multiple pumping sites, we have the capability to supply pre-assembled ready for installation crews – This is especially common for overseas projects that have limited site experience/knowledge.

Standard Welding Procedures: All pipework has a minimum welding procedure so that all pipework has a consistent quality and tractability throughout the fabrication stage, this also includes hydrostatic testing of all pipework before assembly.

Documentation: All pump packages are assisted by the latest in 3D drafting technology. The use of this technology results in increased accuracy which reduces wasted time and materials, saving you money.

Unique Fluid Applications: All pump packages are design around the specific application of fluid on the project. We have some existing customers that have very aggressive water that requires certain materials and modifications away from standard “box products” that our competitors offer. Submersible cooling shrouds are one example that can be made in Duplex Stainless Steel to withstand hyper-saline water.

Installation and Commissioning: All pump packages can be supplied with a complete “turnkey” service to the customer’s requirements. This involves installation can involve the primary services:

  • Pump Crew Technicians
  • Commissioning Technicians
  • Electrician’s
  • Lifting Equipment(slings, chains)
  • Cranes and Other Machinery
  • Site Pipework Modifications
  • Delivery to Site
  • QA Documentation or Site Specific Requirements

Bore Water Packages: Our complete dewatering package can include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Submersible pumps
  • Flexible rising mains
  • Fibreglass rigid pipe (FRP)
  • Discharge Head-works in Stainless Steel or Galvanised Steel
  • Submersible cables, screened or unscreened
  • Pontoon’s with walkways for accessibility
  • Generators
  • Bunded fuel tanks
  • Switchboards
  • HDPE Pipeline
  • Control panels
  • SCADA Systems
  • Telemetry
  • Energy and Power Management Systems
  • Mobile solutions (skid, trailer, truck mounted)

To view the Dynapumps Bore Water Pump Capabilities brochure, click the link below: Click here  For more information and to request a quote, contact Dynapumps on 1300 788 579 or email

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