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    The mining industry makes extraordinary demands on equipment due to the often hostile and remote environments in which it operates. The pumps used in mining are no exception to this rule and accordingly Dynapumps only offer the very best and most durable machines available. Our team of global partners offer quality in both product and support. We are renowned for superior quality and reliability in underground mining equipment. Dynapumps mine dewatering pumps are used by leading mining companies who value premium quality and performance. Our systems are specifically designed and engineered to work in the highly abrasive and corrosive applications associated with high pressure mine dewatering. We aim to help you achieve your goals and objectives with high quality products and reliable pump equipment.

    We use innovative solutions for pumping low-viscous to highly viscous media with or without solids.

    • Drive casing with free shaft end facilitates
    • universal configuration of drives through flexible
    • couplings or V-belts
    • Drive shaft bearing implemented through
    • relubricatable taper roller bearings
    • Conveying capacities: 0.132 GPM - 2,200 GPM
    • Pressures: up to 720 PSI

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