Marine Loading Systems

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    Chiksan® Marine Arms form the cornerstone of complex, high technology installations for all loading and unloading of fluids at portside locations. Regardless of the viscosity or temperature of the liquid, from liquid sulphur to liquefied natural gas (LNG), and from either river barges or the largest crude oil carriers, Dynapumps can provide a solution for your needs.

    Description of a marine loading arm

    A Marine Loading Arm is an articulated pipe system for then transfers of liquids or gases. This may manoeuvred manually or hydraulically.

    A marine loading arm comprises several components namely:

    • base riser
    • Inboard arm
    • Outboard arm

    The articulation is assured by swivel arrangements. These arrangements (or styles) allow for complete movement in all planes.

    All the swivels incorporated in the styles have in situ replaceable ball races. This exclusive feature ensures the long life of the swivel. This results in lower maintenance costs and downtime whereas conventional swivels showing signs of wear need to be completely replaced at substantial cost and longer delivery.

    Chiksan Swivel Joints

    Swivel joints allow the rotation between two items of a product line whilst ensuring no product leakage, when under pressure or vacuum.
    Main characteristics are:

    • used for temperature from -46°C (-50°F) to +232°C (+450°F)
    • in situ replaceable snap in ball races
    • used for pressures: ANSI 150, ANSI 300 or for compressed natural gas (CNG)

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