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    Börger offers a choice of three different chopping units for particle size reduction of solids contained in liquids. The choice of chopping unit depends on the solids in the application and by offering three different macerators, the Multicrusher, Multichopper and Rotorrake, are able to provide the ideal unit for every solid material to be macerated.


    The Multicrusher is an effective, universal chopping unit for use with liquids containing solids. The basic design of the twin-shaft chopper is based on the proven Börger Rotary Lobe Pump. With the wide spectrum of 5 series (throughput volumes up to 320 m³/h / 1,400 usgpm/h), a large selection of equipment and additional parts, the Multicrusher is the ideal solution for just about any application. The Multicrusher reliably chops coarse material such as fibers, wood pieces, plastics, membranes, textiles and many more and ensures that downstream machines and pumps operate smoothly. The Multicrusher homogenizes the medium thereby facilitating the pumping process.


    The Börger Multichopper is a perforated disk chopper with a central perforated disk and high performance blades for using with liquid containing coarse solids.The Multichopper is impressive with its sophisticated user-friendly technology. The multiple blade cutters can be adjusted from the outside. A special technology is used to continuously keep the knifehead with the axial fixed knifes pressed towards the shearplate which can be used from both sides.The flow rate is reversible.

    The Multichopper is available in two models. The Multichopper plus is equipped with a debris collector, whereas the Multichopper pure is designed so that there is almost no space in which any parts in the medium can be stored. Both models come in different sizes with throughput volumes of up to 400 m³/h (1,760 usgpm).


    The Rotorrake is a robust, single-shaft coarse chopper in an inline version. Blades and counter blades are mounted one after the other on the carrier shaft. The sturdily attached counter blades are each cleaned by rotating cutting blades on both sides . The blades are moved by the rotating shaft.The Rotorrake comes in different sizes (throughput volumes of up to 800 m³/h) and tackles chopping tasks where others have failed - for chopping very coarse solids and blockages.


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