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    Dynapumps, through their various suppliers, are capable of supplying vacuum gauges and controllers to suit any application.  From Varian’s (Agilents) range of UHV gauges such as inverted magnetrons and Hot cathode Ionisation gauges, through to low cost pirani and shim type gauges.  In addition, Dynapumps can provide world leading capacitance gauges designed to withstand high operating temperatures, or highly corrosive environments through their associates with Inficon.


    • Vacuum Processing
    • Vacuum drying
    • Vacuum mixing and de-aeration
    • Transformer Drying
    • Transformer Oil Drying
    • Reticulated Medical and Laboratory Vacuum Plant
    • Distillation
    • Pipeline Drying
    • Nuclear Medicine
    • De-gasification of molten metals
    • Semi Conductor processing
    • Manufacture
    • Evacuation of activated & inert gases
    • Heat treatment furnaces
    • Vacuum Coating
    • Mass Spectrometry
    • Analytical Equipment
    • Packaging equipment

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