Chemical Vertical Sump Pumps

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    The Chemical Vertical Sump Pumps KGK series are centrifugal pumps designed for vertical installations, with column and volute casing submerged. The motor is mounted above the liquid pumped; the axial suction pipe is placed downward whereas the tangential and outlet pipes are passing through the base plate. The pump shaft can be long up to 4000 mm. Above 2000 mm, the shaft is held by an additional intermediate bearing. Three versions are available according to the column size and the performance: G1 -2 (radial volute) and G3 (axial fumes)

    Capacity: up to 275 m3/h
    Length: between 500 and 4000 mm
    Motor power: kW 0,55 ÷ 45
    Wetted parts: PP or PVDF.
    Column: PP or PVDF or PP + FRP or PVDF + FRP

    Complying with ISO 9906:2012 standard, Level 2 they are a great solution for pumping aggressive liquids and thus were designed to offer a longer life cycle and greater functionalities: there is no need for sealing systems to avoid liquid spillings, various choice of the vapour sealing systems for fitting applications. The gases developed inside the pump are contained thanks to a dry vapour steam seal mounted nearby the base plate and always active, whether the pump operates or not.  This standard seal counters pressure up to 60 mbar. For higher pressures, a dry construction or mechanical seal flushed with the pumped liquid is necessary.


    Chemical Vertical Sump Pumps (KGK) are realised with extremely resistant materials for pumping aggressive, viscous or even corrosive chemical agents. Therefore these vertical centrifugal pumps made of thermoplastic materials can pump acids, hydroxide, salt, high acid mixes, galvanic baths, aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, emulsions, seawater or thermal water. These liquids are directly pumped from tanks, basins or even wells with temperatures up to 90°c.

    Three different motor powers can be installed according to the pumped liquid (execution - fluid weight):

    • "N" standard -  1,1
    • "P" upgraded strength - 1,35
    • "S" super upgraded strength - 1,8





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