Chemical Injection System

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    <p>Within the oil &amp; gas industry, the requirements for Chemical Injection Packages are very diverse depending on the application and location, the number of chemicals and injection points, and changes to production conditions and output.Utilizing our wealth of experience and expertise, Bran+Luebbe Chemical Injection Systems are consistently designed, manufactured, tested, and certified to meet the specific customer and industry needs.Our clients include major engineering contractors and major end users/operators world-wide.</p> <h3>Applications:</h3> <ul> <li><strong>Exploration and drilling:</strong> Enhance drill cutting removal and formation protection (drilling fluid additives)</li> <li><strong>Oil &amp; gas production (primary recovery):</strong> Three-phase separation (oil, water, gas)</li> <li><strong>Oil &amp; gas production (secondary/tertiary recovery):</strong> Produced water, seawater, gas injection</li> <li><strong>Transport/storage:</strong> Transmission and storage</li> <li><strong>Terminals/refineries: </strong>Refining and processing</li> </ul>

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