Salt Mixer - Disinfection treatment for salmon farm

Salt Mixer system, complete design, develop, installation and start up by Dynapumps. The System all connected to a main Control Panel with HMI touch screen and specialised software developed by Dynapumps. Also, for the Warehouse the lift was also designed and supplied by Dynapumps. The application was for disinfection treatment for a salmon farm.


  • Vertical Centrifugal pumps in Titanium (CRT)
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • PVC Tank
  • Conductivity sensor for the brine.
  • Flowmeter  
  • Electro Valves      

Size: System includes Dilution tank 10.000 liters of water and tank for 3.000 kg of salt. Additional 3 Tanks for accumulate solution (Total accumulation 50.000 L of solution)
Automation: System designed with solenoid valves for different process and complete automatic operation or manual operation (02 options). Includes additional sensor for measure: conductivity, flowmeter, level switch, check valves, shut-off valves.
Crane: System includes automatic crane to upload for big bags of salt (1.000 kg each bag)

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