DYNAVAC 2BE3 Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

DYNAVAC 2BE3 series high-capacity water ring vacuum pumps and compressors provide optimum operating life, economical power consumption, robust and efficient by design. The 2BE3 series pumps are designed for pumping high volumes of gas.

They are widely found in many industries such as paper milling, mining, sugar milling, power generation and chemical processing. DYNAVAC 2BE3 series vacuum pumps are available in a wide range of construction materials and shaft sealing methods. They can be configured in direct coupled, V-belt or gear box driven arrangements.


  • Available in pumping speeds up to 38,000 m³/h
  • Direct drop-in replacements are available for all SIEMENS/NASH models.
  • Internal tolerance, corrosion, and begrime status can be easily observed by removing the large inspection covers on each end of the pump.
  • Dynavac 2BE3 series pumps have flanges both on the top and sides of the same diameter. This allows more flexibility in pipework connection.
  • Shaft bearings are sourced from premium suppliers such as NSK or SKF to provide maximum service life.
  • Standard impellor material is QT400 cast nodular iron or fabricated mild steel.
  • The casing is available in steel or 304/316 stainless steel.
  • Shaft bushings are machined from stainless-steel and can extend the service interval by 5 times.
  • If required, Dynavac designed overhead discharge separators, located above the pump can save space and reduce noise level.
  • All cast components are moulded in resin sands to provide smooth surfaces avoiding the use of heat trapping putties and fillers.
  • The mechanical seals (optional) are sourced from premium suppliers such as Bergman or John Crane.


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