Automated Vacuum Priming System

Automated Vacuum Priming System

The Automated Vacuum Priming System consists of a Dynavac WOVP 320 pump, a primary fluid storage tank and backup tanks/filters to prevent fluid/solids being sucked into the pump. The automated control panel has two sequential operational modes. The first mode is that when started from the control panel or remote input, the pump will turn on and draw a vacuum to prime the connected piping system whilst also storing any fluid drawn into the Vacuum Priming System. Once the primary tank is full of fluid, the system switches to the second function. The second function consists of a burn off cycle in the pump to burn any fluids that have entered the pump ensuring a life span of the pump, and to drain the primary and secondary tanks ready to prime the next pipe system.

  • The Dynavac WOVP 320 pump fitted with a low level oil switch and powered by a Sigma 4kW motor (100m3/h @ 0.1 mbar)
  • Dynapumps Control Panel (manual and automatic modes)
  • Masport Traps
  • Valpes Electric Actuators.

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