Seal Water Pumps - Iron Ore Mine WA

Seal Water Pumps - Iron Ore Mine, WA

Seal Water Pumps

Duty: Seal water pump package designed to provide high pressure water for double mechanical seal system fitted to slurry pumps for large iron ore mine in WA.
Quantity: 6 complete pump sets, 3 x 4 pump system, & 3 x 2 pump system

System design:

  • Pump set c/w 2000 ltr SS tank (designed & built to API 650)
  • Pipe & valve fabrication & assembly
  • Instrumentation (level, pressure, temperature, turbidity)
  • 32 ltr accumulator
  • 35 kW chillers

Pump Type:

  • Positive displacement diaphragm pump
  • 316SS construction
Flow: 3.12 m3/h
Total Dynamic Head: 612 m
Geared Motor: 7.5 kW / 415 v/ 50 Hz / 970 rpm
Base: Dynapumps designed and fabricated galvanised steel base
Duty Cycle: Continuous 24/7
Total mass per pump set: Dual pump set -2,641 kg, 4 pump set - 3,805 kg

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