Pump Dosing Skids package

Pump Dosing Skids package - Cobre Panama


  • 145 x NETZSCH Helical Rotor Pumps ranging from the NM003 up to the NM045 model, fitted with Nord Gear Boxes and WEG NEMA Electric Motors. Most pumps are fitted to Dosing.
  • Two frames types: 14 pump frame, 8 pump frame
  • Supplied the frame in the following two sets:
    - Reagent Distribution Area Pump Frames
    (5 x 14 pump frames, 3 x 8 pump frames)
    - Mo (Molybdenmum) Area Pump Frames
    (4 x 14 pump frames, 2 x 8 pump frames)

For the Reagent Distribution Area Pump frames each unit had two suction manifolds per pump to allow two different products to be pumped (at different times). The Mo Area Pump frames have single suction manifolds as only one fluid product is required. The intent is for collector, promoter, frother reagents to be dosed at various places around the mine site. Each pump on the frame had its own suction and discharge manifold from 1/2" SW fittings and flanges, 1/2" flanged ball and check valves with flexible suction and discharge connections with hydraulic fittings for ease of removal.

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