International Gold mines

International Gold Mines - Pan Filter Vacuum Pump Packages

Client: Ausenco Limited

  • Chatree Gold in Thailand
  • Sepon Gold in Lao PDR
  • North Marra Gold in Tanzania
  • Tulawaka Gold Mine in Tanzania

Supply: Pan Filter Vacuum Pump

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North Mara Package

Filtrate Receiver Vessel and Pump comprising: Pompetravaini Vacuum Pump fitted with discharge separator and Teco Tropic Proof Motor. Seal Water break tank with float level switch. Vertical Vacuum receiver (Filtrate Receiver) with high level switch. Tank sight Gauge, vacuum gauge, electrical control panel.

Application: To capture and collect filtrate removed from gold sludge in a vacuum pan.

Process: The vacuum pump is used to initially evacuate the filtrate receiver (tall vessel in picture below), which in turn provides a negative pressure at the pan filter. The pump remains running during this process.

Filtrate is drawn through the pan filter and into the filtrate receiver. The filtrate level in the vessel rises during operation until a high level alarm sounds to alert operator or shut down the vacuum pump motor.

The collected filtrate is drained from the receiver after the pressure in the vessel is returned to atmospheric.

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