FQM Ravensthorpe - Turbine Pumps

FQM Ravensthorpe - Turbine Pumps

Turbine Pumps for First Quantum Minerals Turbine PumpsWith the acquisition of the Ravensthorpe Nickel mine, First Quantum Minerals Ltd (FQM) have contracted Dynapumps to supply new seawater transfer pump skids and additional solution pump packages.

These additional pumps will help FQM complete plant construction to their specific requirements and standards.

Complete pump packages are an important aspect of developing a mine site as they are engineered to tailor the right flow rates and specific requirements of the media being pumped.

Turnkey pump packages give the customer peace of mind when planning civil and mechanical works prior to delivery due to known dimensions of the complete package. They also offer a significant cost saving as the package is supplied fully tested and requires minimal labour input for installation.

Dynapumps were also involved in supplying the initial fire pumps, seawater intake, solution pump packages, cooling water pumps and acid pumps for the nickel mine

Turbine PumpsTurbine Pumps

Client: BHP Billiton
Project: Ravensthorpe Nickel Project
Contractor: RJV
Application: Main cooling water pumps for plant process water

Pump Flo-Max Vertical Turbine Pump x 7
Inlet 762mm
Total Dynamic Head 28 metres
Pump Flow 2398 m3/hr
Motor Power 315KW 6 Pole
Manufacturing Material Corrosion resistant SAF 2507 Super Duplex Stainless Steel

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