Dewatering Pumps - Progressing Cavity

Dewatering Pumps - Progressing Cavity

Client: Evolution Mining
Project: Edna May Gold Mine
Application: Dewatering Pumps

Seepex 130-24VR progressive cavity pumps, 100kW electric motors
Duty Point: 30l/s @ 24Bar
Seepex N70-12VR progressive cavity pumps, 75kW electric motors
Duty Point: 20l/s @ 18Bar

Painted hopper tanks and galvanised base frames to be installed at different levels underground. The pump skids will also have a ‘A Frame” gantry crane supplied for pump and motor maintenance and repair capabilities. The pump bases were modularly designed to facilitate interchangeable components, full bases and pump duty flow. Also included a comprehensive backup program offering local and onsite maintenance, local repairs and allocated parts from suppliers.

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