Pipeline Drying, India - Rotary vane Vacuum Pumps

Pipeline Drying, India - Rotary vane Vacuum Pumps

Client: BJ Services
Project: 1,386 km East-West Gas Pipeline in India
Application: Pipeline Drying
Supply: 8 only UV16 H IO HC S PNEUMOFORE air cooled, rotary vane vacuum pumps connected to 8 only Edwards EH4200 Hydrokinetics Boosters mounted within containers by the customer. All pumps are fitted with a VP150 Polyester Inlet Pre-Filter. The pumps do not require exhaust filters that tend to clog and require replacement.

Energy Vacuum Pump


After pressure testing of the pipeline a booster and a vacuum pump are used to remove water left in pipeline, as water vapour. This ensures dry conditions in the pipeline for the gas or oil. The booster reduces the extraction times.


These pumps are capable of operating in high ambient temperatures (up to 500C) and with the ability to handle water vapour. They operate at 1200C which flashes off any water vapour that enters the pump and is not trapped by the inlet filter. Sizing the pumps depends on a number of factors such as the aount of water to be extracted, the dew point and time required to dry the pipeline.

Customer's Feedback

The Pneumofore's have performed very well regarding performance and reliability the only issue was the amount of abuse they suffered from the transportation across 1000's of KM in the wilds of India. We expected that the frames and panel designed to be mounted on concrete would suffer in this way.
Overall the pumps have performed exceptionally and we are very happy with what we have purchased. January 2009

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