Conoco Phillips - North Belut

Conoco Phillips - North Belut

API 674 Pumps

Client: Process Group
Project: Conoco Phillips - North Belut
Application: MEG Circulation Pumps

MEG Circulation Pumps




 API 674 Pumps

 Pump Model

 FMC M0812 C S, Forged Carbon Steel Fluid Ends, Tungsten
 Carbide Stainless Steel Plungers, Abrasion Resistant Valves &
 Crankshaft Pressure Lubrication

 Flow Rate:

 55 litres/minute (14.4US gpm)

 Operating Pressure

 7850 kPa (1139 psi)

 Electric Drive

 15.0 kW (20.0 HP), 4 Pole, 480/3/60 Toshiba Ex’n non
 sparking CI 1, Zn 2, Grp IIA T3


 HTD Belt drive with non-sparking belt guard of marine grade
 aluminium material

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