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    Pumps that use centrifugal force are the most commonly used in both civil and industrial applications. Thanks to the experience gained through self-priming centrifugal pumps, Victor Pumps has created the series "C" centrifugal pumps which have the special advantage of having all the same features apart from the self-priming. Some of its advantages are the robust construction of the pump, the possibility of fully exploiting the performance curve and of pumping solids (compatibly with the dimensions of the impeller).

    This type of pump is available in both cast iron and bronze. In the special version on the photo (particularly appreciated in the naval sector for the treatment of black water) we can see it with cutter device on the wear plate, which enables to shred the paper material that can eventually float in the liquid, facilitating the passage through the casing.


    • Mechanical seal - Modern and simple to maintain, guarantees an excellent tightness
    • Removable ports - they make it faster and easier to disassemble the pump without disconnecting it from the pipes
    • Impeller with open blades - Facilitates the passage of solid bodies floating in the liquid

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