APV Homogeniser Pilot 4T

  • APV Homogeniser Pilot 4T Pilot4THomogenizer

    The APV Pilot 4T homogenizer offers new versatility for batch or continuous operation in a wide range of low-capacity applications. It is available for pump, single and two-stage homogenization in pilot or small-scale production. Stand-out features include a three-plunger design and integrated variable speed drive that enables smooth operation across the industry’s broadest range of flow and pressure parameters. The Pilot 4T’s compact design and proven performance are the results of many years of homogenizer design and applications experience. It is ideal for dairy, food, beverage, personal care, and many other applications that can benefit from controlled low-flow rate operation.

    A modular component design makes it easy to configure new products and recipes. Its rugged construction features a monoblock liquid end made from high-grade duplex stainless steel and high-efficiency hard-wearing tungsten carbide, Stellite, or ceramic homogenizing valves. The Pilot 4T is designed for CIP and SIP and features 3A construction and standard FDA product contact materials. Control options range from manual to touchscreen PLC with an interface to plant control systems, enabling remote operation.


    • Easy integration with your process or skid
    • Simple interface for manual or automated control
    • Integrated variable speed drive provides smooth and flexible operation over a range of flow rates
    • Three-plunger design enhances flow stability
    • Modular design scales from lab to continuous production
    • Direct drive transmission reduces maintenance
    • Integrated controls eases installation and reduces cost

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