APV Cavitator

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    The APV Cavitator offers breakthrough benefits for the heating of liquids without scaled buildup and/or the mixing of liquids with other liquids, gasses or solids at the microscopic level to improve product quality and functional performance. The potential markets for applications of the APV Cavitator technology are numerous with benefits in time efficiency, cost and sustainability considerations.


    • Improved process efficiencies (time, operating costs, and/or capital costs)
    • Enhanced product quality, yield and/or raw material savings
    • Extended process run times related to scale-free heating
    • Elimination or reduction of process downtime from maintenance requirements
    • Smaller footprint than traditional technology
    • Designed for easy disassembly, and fully CIPable
    • Makes high quality emulsions at the desired particle size


    Scale-Free Heating:

    The APV Cavitator can heat liquids in seconds. Because the heat is created inside the liquid rather than transferred through high temperature metal surfaces, there is no scaling of equipment and no scorching of product. This is particularly important in high protein dairy products such as cheese and puddings. Equipment shutdowns and maintenance problems are greatly reduced, improving product yield and product quality and reducing overall costs associated with production. In many cases, product taste is also improved. The APV Cavitator unit eliminates scaling and generates heat instantaneously within the processed product. Eliminating scaling during heating allows for uniform processing of the product, while minimizing the surface fouling commonly associated with conventional heating equipment.

    Microscopic Mixing

    The APV Cavitator can mix gases and liquids, liquids and liquids, and solids and liquids at the microscopic level which increases the mass transfer rate and accelerates processing.

    • When cavitation bubbles collapse and produce shockwaves, powerful forces are generated that cut the process material into microscopic sizes. This increases the surface contact area between the liquids, gases and/or solids being mixed and maximizes the efficiency of the procedure for processes such as hydration, emulsification and gas/liquid mixing.
    • Cavitation is a unique mixing mechanism and can often be used to effectively mix shear sensitive compounds. Cavitation can produce superior results when mixing liquids with gases, solids or other liquids.


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