API 676 Rotary Lobe

  • API 676 Rotary Lobe SKU023

    Rotary Lobe Pumps are self-priming, valveless, positive displacement pumps. The even rotation of the rotor pair creates a vacuum on the priming side of the pump, which can be defined by the direction of rotation of the drive. This vacuum draws the liquid into the pump chamber. With further rotation, the pumped medium is conveyed past the pump wall into the pressure area. Up to six chamber charges are displaced with each drive rotation – depending on the rotor type. When the rotor is at a standstill, the pump seals off almost completely.

    Pump output up to 1,600 /h (7,050 usgpm/h)
    pump head - type-specific - max. 160 m (524 in.)



    • Flow rates of 1 - 1,600 m³/h (4.4 - 7,050 usgpm)
    • Pressure-resistant up to 12 bar (174 psi)
    • Highest flexibility when it comes to rotors
    • Patented Rotor Tips
    • Block Casing
    • Proven seal Solutions
    • Customized Construction
    • Compact Design
    • Reduced Life-Cycle Costs


    • Flow rates of 1 - 135 m³/h (4.4 - 595 usgpm)
    • Pressure-resistant up to 16 bar (232 psi)
    • Highest flexibility when it comes to the sealing system


    • Crude Oil Transfer
    • Water/Oil emulsions from waste drains
    • Mobile emergency spill recovery
    • Waste oil with solvents
    • Refinery by-products
    • Slurries
    • Flocculants
    • Reagents
    • Chemicals
    • Sludge Removal

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