API 674 Piston and Plunger Pumps

  • API 674 Piston and Plunger Pumps API 674 Piston and Plunger Pumps

    We offer a complete line of TechnipFMC API 674 piston and plunger pumps where the high-pressure seal cup reciprocates with the cylinder. Depending on the application, the pump's fluid ends can be equipped in ductile iron, carbon steel, aluminum bronze, duplex stainless steel, and other high-end materials. All TechnipFMC pumps are designed with oversize bearings and heavy-duty components to provide years of operational life and deliver outstanding value and performance for various applications.


    • Flows up to 206 m³/h
    • Pressure Up To 207 bar
    Type Cylinders Max. Pressure
    Max. Flow
    Piston Duplex 58 34
    Piston Quadruplex 58 70
    Piston Triplex 172 429
    Plunger Triplex 645 3163
    Plunger Quintuplex 809 6025


    • API 674
    • Cast, Duct Iron, Carb Steel, Duplex
    • Controllable flows


    • High Head De-watering
    • HP Washdowns
    • Process Liquids
    • Boiler Feed
    • Glycol Injection
    • Salt Water Disposal
    • Methanol Injection
    • Amine Gas Sweetening
    • Agriculture
    • Vertical Drilling and Mining
    • General Industrial
    • Horizontal Directional Drilling
    • Oil and Gas
    • Well Service Pumps
    • Reverse Osmosis
    • Sewer Cleaning Pumps

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