Agilent Helium Leak Detectors

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    Our range of leak detection technology offers comprehensive solutions to end users through industry leading global support and high performance instruments. With a range extending from the portable PHD-4 through to the latest class leading HLD series. We can provide a customised solution for high precision applications such as high energy physics, R & D, manufacturing and semi-conductors, through to industrial applications including the power generation industry where dependable, portable and robust design is essential.


    • Six different application set up guides helps you correctly configure your instrument for the best performance, ensuring that parameters are properly set for a thorough and efficient test.
    • Larger, more durable, more responsive touch screen interface rotates 180° for ideal viewing.
    • Cleaner, more intuitive user interface. Immediate access to often used features and a flat menu structure allows you to quickly find the setting you need.
    • Startup wizard helps user set up the instrument on first-time power up.
    • Enhanced charting capabilities: Zoom for closer inspection of data, color-coded set points, time-based plot records leak rate and pressure.
    • A large work surface provides plenty of room for parts to be tested, tools, etc.
    • Improved power-off process keeps spectrometer under vacuum and protects the turbomolecular pump.
    • Improved maneuverability for easier access to narrow service areas and chases in semiconductor fabs or other production environments.
    • Dry vacuum pump eliminates the risk of oil contamination of test parts and systems.


    • Synchrotrons
    • Microscopy departments
    • Vacuum Furnaces
    • Vacuum Coating
    • Underground Pressured power cables
    • Semiconductor process tools
    • Refrigeration
    • Medical devices
    • Research Facilities
    • Surface Science Equipment

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